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Katherine Grubb, author of Write a Novel in 10 Minutes a Day


Simply ask yourself, ‘What happens next’?

from Write a Novel in 10 Minutes a Day by Katherine Grubb


Ten things to do if you are stuck

 Just simply ask yourself, ‘What happens next?’

  1. Review your notes.
  2. Do a free write on anything: the main character, the supporting characters, the setting, the plot or a specific prop you’ll need.
  3. Have a supporting character interrupt the life of the main character with a car accident, a sick child, a death in the family, an arrest, something that is surprising and stressful, and that could happen in real life.
  4. Take a shower. The combination of heat, water and physical sensation often stimulates your brain and you may come out with an idea.
  5. Take some exercise. This will also stimulate the brain.
  6. Discuss the problem with one or two trusted friends.
  7. Attack backstory. Write for ten minutes on your main character’s childhood, a traumatic experience or most embarrassing moment.
  8. Write for ten minutes on what everyone is wearing, and why. This may trigger you and you’ll have a new idea.
  9. Go back over all the exercises you’ve completed from The Future Bookshelf. You may find inspiration.

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Katharine Grubb lives in Massachusetts: she homeschools her children, bakes bread, does a ridiculous amount of laundry and sets her timer to write stories in ten minute increments. Her favourite …

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