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Louise Welsh, author of novels including The Cutting Room and A Lovely Way to Burn


What makes a good plot twist? And how do you build up to it? How many clues should you give the reader?

There is no perfect plot formula. I cannot tell you the number of clues you should include before revealing the murderer or the right chapter to introduce a sex scene.  But do not despair. The good news is, you already know how to tell a story. You do it every day. You have been doing it since you were a tiny child. Think about pace. People your story with characters your reader can believe in. Put obstacles in the way of these characters. Respect your reader’s intelligence and whatever you do, don’t be boring.



About Louise Welsh

Louise Welsh is the author of eight novels including The Cutting Room, A Lovely Way to Burn and Death is a Welcome Guest. She has received numerous awards and international …

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