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Louise Welsh, author of novels including The Cutting Room and A Lovely Way to Burn

At the end each writing day I am usually between five hundred and a thousand words ahead. I have no idea how many words I delete. Writers write and it is obviously important to put words on the page, but this is not a dick measuring competition. Don’t listen to blowhards who boast about the vast number of words they manage to spew out. Concentrate on making your work as good as you can. Decide how much time you can set aside for writing and stick to it. Writers have to be selfish. Hide from your spouse/friends/workmates/children. Get up at 5am. Buy noise cancelling headphones. Take public transport. Write, write, write. Keep sober. Prioritise your book.

About Louise Welsh

Louise Welsh is the author of eight novels including The Cutting Room, A Lovely Way to Burn and Death is a Welcome Guest. She has received numerous awards and international …

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