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Juno Dawson, author of dark teen thrillers, and non-fiction including Being a Boy and This Book is Gay

How should writers find space to write?


I suppose this is a matter of mental head space and physical space – both of which are a bit of a luxury. Once you’re in a cycle of editing and writing – especially if you’re producing one or more titles a year – you just have to get on with it in regards to both.


I prefer not to write at home. I like having a ‘commute’ even if it’s just to a coffee shop. This means I have a separation between my home life and writing. I get very little done at home – there’s too many distractions. I find that altering my physical space automatically changes my state of mind and enables me to start work.


In terms of time, I think two or three focused hours a day is more fruitful than sitting at a computer staring at a screen for nine hours. I’m sure some writers can produce quality all day. I am not one of them!



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JUNO DAWSON is the multi award-winning author of dark teen thrillers. Her first non-fiction book, BEING A BOY, tackled puberty, sex and relationships in a frank and funny fashion, and …

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