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JM Holmes

Julie Keresztes

JM Holmes’ debut How Are You Going to Save Yourself will be published by Sceptre in 2018. It explores the lives of four friends from the same Rhode Island city: Rydell, Lazarus, Rakim, and Giovanni, or more affectionately Rye, Dub, Rolls, and G. They are bound together by location and shared experience, but those bonds fade and change as they grow up and their lives take different shapes. They are confronted with society’s expectations of them, family pressures, and ultimately the way they see themselves — sometimes conforming, sometimes challenging the stereotypes – ultimately trying not to fail themselves and the people they love.


JM Holmes won the Burnett Howe prize for fiction at Amherst College, received fellowships at the Iowa Writer’s Workshop and the Napa Valley Writers’ Conference. He’s worked in educational outreach in Iowa, Massachusetts and Pawtucket.  His stories have appeared in the Paris Review and HOW Journal.

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